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Cold and hot cutting method for bag making machine
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There are hot-cut bag making machines and cold-cut bag making machines in the bag making machine. The difference is mainly in the last knife processing method, but in fact it belongs to one of the bag making machines. The commonality is also quite obvious. They are all produced by using a barrel. Before the bag is cut, there will be a heat sealing process, and the vest bag can be produced. The bag making machine is a machine for making various plastic packaging bags or other material packaging bags. The processing range is various kinds of plastic bags or other materials with different thickness and thickness. Generally, plastic packaging bags are the main products.
Heat sealing hot-cut bag making machine needs to heat seal a knife first, then cut it hot cut, the cut edge is heat sealed, and the finished vest bag is more secure. Generally, the supermarket uses hot-sealed vest bags. . The heat-sealed cold-cut bag making machine is first heat-sealed and then cut with a cold knife, and the cut side is open. In addition to its use in vest bag production, the bag making machine replaces the double-line sealing knife with a single-line sealing knife, which can also be used for the production of flat pockets because its cut edge is open.
Sometimes the bag making machine will be brittle or brittle. The main reason is that the heat sealing is too high and too large; the heat sealing time is too long; the edge of the upper device is too sharp; the bottom silicon is too hard; During the process, a part of it penetrates into the film and the like. The substrate is affected by the penetration, the toughness is reduced, and the brittleness is improved.
In the process of using the hot-cut bag making machine, the ionic resin can be selected because it is matched with the film with good anti-pollution heat-sealing property, because it has good anti-pollution heat-sealing property, and will not be used after packaging the product. The product has deteriorated.
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